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At the intersection of Deep Aspiration, Independent Thinking, and Improved Results

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Assist Mission-driven Organizations with Decision Support, Problem Solving, and Performance Improvement Expertise

What We Do

Many commercial enterprises, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and state and local agencies distinguish themselves by high ideals, but also anticipate or experience difficulty reaching their aspirations due to competing priorities or imposing complexities and risks. By engaging with 20-Day Decisions, clients receive independent advice on how to improve their operations. Over twenty working days, we pinpoint and explain conditions that tend to prevent expected outcomes from occurring, and we offer the decision support, problem-solving, and performance improvement expertise needed to keep mission and results on-track.

Fixed Fee, Fixed Schedule Research

What We Offer

20-Day Engagement

3 Analyses
A complete Work-up and Final Analysis
  • Current State Analysis,
  • Principal Recommendation,
  • Alternate Recommendation, plus
  • Other Findings and Recommendations

15-Day Engagement

2 Analyses
An abbreviated Work-up and Final Analysis when scope or risk is narrow
  • Current State Analysis,
  • Principal Recommendation, plus
  • Other Findings and Recommendations

3 1/2-Day Preview

1 Analysis
All Day 1-3 Activities
  • Current State Description, plus
  • Next Steps Recommendation

3/4-Day Prelude

1 Workshop
Pre-Engagement Exploration
  • First-hand Knowledge Sharing
  • Targeted Discovery and Breakdown
  • Quick Reformulation
  • No Obligations

5 or 10-Day Epilogue

Post-Engagement follow-on Exploration or Action Planning
  • Additional Discovery for the Main Analyses,
  • Deeper Analysis of Subordinate Findings, or
  • Project Planning Assistance

Consultation Bundle

Post-Engagement Consultation Sessions
  • 1 Half-Day On-site Session, or
  • 3 x 90-Minute Online Collaboration Sessions